business building activities for direct sales

Business Building Activities in Direct Sales

If you’re like most direct sellers, you are always looking for new ways to grow your business. Whether it’s finding fresh leads or learning new sales techniques, there’s always something that can improve. Some business-building activities, such as recruiting new consultants or customers, are essential for success. However, there are other things you can add to your daily routine to boost your business. This includes engaging in outreach and marketing activities, participating in training and development programs finding fresh leads, or learning new sales techniques; there’s always something that can improve. By making minor adjustments to how you run your business, you can get closer to achieving your business goals.  

To start seeing improvements in how you run your business from day to day, we suggest a few simple additions to your strategy: 

  1. Sending personalized videos
  2. Using a learning management system
  3. Organizing customers based on activity
  4. Taking advantage of sampling
  5. Putting analytics to good use

Send Personalized Videos 

Video is quickly becoming a popular medium for getting information across quickly. Not only is it more engaging than a normal email, but personalized videos also help customers feel more connected to the distributor and the product they’re selling. Interactive video is also a great way to drive engagement—with it, you can add clickable links directly to the video. We’ve seen sales forces 10x their conversion rates simply by implementing interactive video. 

Hussle is a mobile app that allows distributors to make interactive videos and send them to a customer or prospect from their mobile device. Plus, distributors can measure the level of interest by seeing which links the customer clicked on while watching the video. It’s a simple addition to any selling strategy, but Hussle users see higher conversion rates than when they only send static emails to customers. 

Use a Learning Management System 

Distributors should know the ins and outs of every product they sell so they can sell to different needs. While delivering comprehensive training before they start can be useful, it can also be easy to forget once they’re in the thick of it. Having a mobile learning management system that distributors always have access to could be a game-changer when it comes to selling to a prospect’s needs. 

Hussle incorporates a built-in LMS so sales leaders can create effective sales training for a quick onboarding experience. Plus, it’s accessible to all distributors on their mobile devices, so even experienced distributors can continue learning while they’re out in the field. 

There’s no reason you can’t make training modules accessible to your customers as well. With it, you can educate them on products so they can learn more about their versatility, use cases, or best practices that they might not know about. Having a successful customer education program on products is a proven way to increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and improve product adoption.  

Organize Customers Based on Activity 

Distributors should have their contact information in one place they can easily access. They should also have a labeling system, so they always know where they are in the sales process whether they’re active or inactive customers or hot or cold prospects. Knowing where the customer or prospect stands helps distributors make informed decisions on who they can reach out to next. 

The Hussle app’s dashboard helps distributors keep track of their leads. Distributors can mark their prospects as hot leads, discard them when they get cold, or even push their relationship forward by engaging with them using content that converts right from the app. Plus, the Pulse feature sends push notifications with suggestions for how they can interact with inactive customers in ways that might help get them back on autoship. 

Take Advantage of Sampling 

Sampling is a proven way to increase purchases and improve customer satisfaction. It’s a very lucrative tool in prospecting that helps those who may be on the fence about ordering or are unfamiliar with the product. Distributors can simply send them a sample with additional information about the product and its benefits. Plus, automatic sampling is a process that even new distributors can participate in—it’s much easier to send out 10 samples than to do 10 business presentations. 

Hussle is one of the best tools in direct sales for automatic sampling. Distributors can close deals faster than ever with the in-app sampling system. With just a few clicks, distributors can send samples to customers who will also receive drip emails that update them on shipping and inform them about the product. 

Put Analytics to Good Use 

Anytime a customer starts or stops an autoship or orders a new product, they give distributors a goldmine of data that they can use to improve their strategy. It’s important to pay attention to analytics on customers so distributors can notice trends. For example, if a product is gaining popularity, distributors can advertise it more to drive sales for that product. Or, if several people are canceling their autoship around the same time, distributors should find out why and resolve any underlying issues. Analytics should be used to improve customer experience. 

The Hussle app tracks sales performance with real-time analytics. Each distributor gets a play-by-play of every sales engagement and gives them actionable insights so they can drive sales. Distributors also receive user-generated feedback so they can know how to reach out to the right customer at the right time. 

Hussle is designed to help you make small adjustments that have a big impact on your day-to-day productivity. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your time and resources, so you can focus on what’s important—growing your business. Hussle offers features that allow you to send personalized videos and employ powerful sampling strategies. Each of these features could impact your sales growth. 

To learn more about how Hussle’s platform can improve your business habits, schedule a demo here. Let us show you how our software can take your sales process to the next level. 

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