Present and sell dynamically
with live interactive video

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How it Works

Invite customers and prospects to view live (or recorded) interactive videos! As you present, distributors can share interactive links for attendees to purchase and join the business. Attendees can also use the chat. feature to engage with the presenter and each other to promote further engagement. After the meeting, the presenters gain access to a full analytics report for effective follow-up.

The Benefits of
Interactive Video

Interactive video takes the stress out of in-person meetings and avoids impersonal online interactions. With Live, distributors can effectively present to their customers and prospects at any time, from anywhere. Distributors can know exactly how their message is received, as they have access to real-time notifications detailing each viewer’s actions, as well as reported analytics after the event.

Hussle Tech's Live video on desktop computer

Interactive Buttons

Users can create and customize onscreen interactive buttons that viewers can click on throughout the live video. Distributors can easily pull in any piece of media from the app as an interactive button, making it easy to showcase their favorite products. Interactive buttons can also link viewers to products so they can add them to their cart without leaving the livestream.

Going LIVE is easy!

Setting up a live event is quick and intuitive, meaning you can go live in under a minute! You’ll have complete visibility of all participants throughout the event, allowing you to see who’s with you and how they’re interacting.

Share Recorded Live Video

Want to use your live video to continue to promote products? The new version of Live allows you to post your live recorded videos on an e-commerce site. That way, customers can view the video, click on the interactions, and shop directly from the video on your website. All you need is a shopping cart with an API.


Live with Attribution allows a direct seller to invite their contacts to an event hosted by another presenter and still receive attribution for any purchases or enrollments made as a result of the Live presentation. With Attribution, even distributors who aren’t comfortable or experienced with presenting can reap the rewards of bringing their contacts to a Live event.

Join from any device

Attendees can join live events from any device – no download necessary!
Viewers can join your live event via link, and watch directly from their web browser.

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