Provide prospects with a sample
of you product to increase sales


Influence Purchase Decision

81% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after receiving a free sample.
-Nielsen's Research


Product Discovery

80% of consumers who receive a sample are likely to share their experience with others, increasing product discovery.

how samples grow your business

How Samples Grow
Your Business

Hussle’s sampling feature provides a physical experience, like tasting, touching, or smelling a product, which is a powerful tool for converting prospects. Sampling programs are proven to boost sales and distributor enrollments.

You Initiate, We Package
and Ship

Traditionally, distributors create and assemble their own sample packaging and mail it themselves. Hussle removes that pain point by creating, assembling, and mailing the sample on the distributor's behalf. Distributors can send samples from the app, or customers can request a sample, and the prospect will receive a professionally designed and printed sample for an optimal product experience.

Hussle samples process
Hussle sampling drip email campaigns

Drip Email Campaigns

The system also provides a drip email campaign that tells the prospect receiving the sample it is on its way, educates them on the product benefits, provides links to other info and the shopping cart, and has purchase calls to action.

Analytics & Insight:

The Hussle digital platform creates unique “action links” and assigns them to a distributor regarding social media, text, video sharing, etc. These action links gain insights and analytics to help clients modify and better manage existing campaigns and understand what message/ marketing works.

Promote Samples on
Social Media

Hussle’s platform makes it easy to promote samples with professional, pre-written social content for distributors to share with their media networks. This helps overcome common challenges distributors have of not knowing what to say/post and how to ensure compliance.

creating qualified leads

Creates Qualified Leads

The sampling system also helps create qualified leads-typically by including a small shipping/handling fee.

Prospects who are unwilling to pay a few dollars shipping for a product sample are unlikely to purchase a month’s supply of a product. That said, those who do pay the shipping fees become highly qualified leads and deserve focus and follow-up from the distributor.

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