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How AI Can Change the Landscape of the Direct Selling World

Direct sellers are constantly communicating their ideas to prospects and customers, and they must always create a good image for themselves and their company. Whether they’re posting on social media or directly messaging customers, sending engaging and compelling messages about the product is essential to their success. With this constant need for perfection, direct sellers are faced with a dilemma: how can I consistently represent and tailor the product to different customers’ needs when I’m pressed for time and resources? The answer: artificial intelligence.

Your New Virtual Assistant

We know what you’re thinking: a robot is the last thing I need to send personable, relatable messages to my audience. But since AI is integrated with the Hussle app, it can generate messages that are capable of analyzing audience preferences, adjusting tone and style, and even suggesting enhancements like emojis—all in real time. That way, you can generate messages that sound like you faster than you can think them up and type them out. Talk about a time saver!

Creating the Perfect Message

How can you make the AI work for you? In the Hussle app, you can provide prompts, inputs, and suggestions that show the AI exactly what you want it to talk about, sound like, and encourage. For example, you can input that your message is for your Instagram followers and that you want it to engage your customers. You can also say you want a short caption, a casual tone, and that it should use emojis. Once you have created your tags, the app will generate a message for your customers that you can post on your Instagram. Once the message is generated, you can edit a few words, add an emoji, and post it!

A People-Pleasing Tool

The world of direct selling is a world that requires adaptability in the way you communicate. Hussle’s AI-powered virtual assistant seamlessly adjusts its recommendations based on the how, what, and where of the message you’re trying to convey. It knows how to generate a message that will reach a broad audience, or it can cater the message to a specific person based on your previous engagements. For example, if you’re reaching out to a colleague, your virtual assistant will deliver a message with a tone that is more casual than a message to a business professional. The goal is for each message to resonate effectively with each respective audience. That saves you from spending time agonizing over punctuation (the exclamation point sounds too perky, but the period sounds too passive-aggressive–help!).

Not only does it help you when you’re in a pinch, but using AI messaging can help drive engagement–a must in the social selling world where you’re constantly trying to capture and keep people’s attention. Using the AI-powered virtual assistant in this regard is a great way to gain valuable insights and suggestions to enhance the impact of each message you put out. Whether you want to craft a more engaging introduction, add visual elements, or refine your call to action so it’s as effective as it can be, the possibilities are endless. This virtual tool can take your online presence in the fast-paced online environment to the next level when it comes to keeping your audience hooked. 

Adding Hussle’s AI-powered virtual assistant to your sales enablement toolbelt is a game-changer for direct selling. Using this technology to enhance the way you communicate to engage your audience can be empowering and will help you achieve the results you’ve been reaching for. With the help of your virtual assistant, you will forge meaningful connections, drive revenue, and chart a path to success.

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