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Share. Sell. Sample. Shop. Track. Teach. Train. Retain. Onboard. Convert.


Intuitive. Task-Based. Modular.
Scalable. Measurable. Global.


Intuitive. Task-Based. Modular.
Scalable. Measurable. Global.

LEARN Module

Onboarding & Training

Paths • Courses • Quizzes • Awards

Empower your new and existing members with content for business building, product education and compliance training.

Deliver training videos, audios, or documents from your corporate team or top field leaders. Gamify the learning process. Recognize progress. Measure the impact.

Sharing & Enrolling

MEDIA Module

Share Videos, PDFs, Website Links • Trackable Smart Links User-Generated Videos • Intuitive Contact Manager Social Selling
Sharing digital assets is easy and its effective. Smart links immediately notify app users when a prospect is viewing a video or downloading a document, so follow-up is timely and effective. Users can create and upload their own videos, too.
Empower your field with our innovative social selling features within this module.
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AI & Smart Messaging

Artificial Intelligence • Writing Assistant
Targeted Messages • Compliant Messages
Now your entire field organization can write compelling promotional messages, every time. Our new Artificial Intelligence Engine acts as a marketing co-pilot, customizing content based on products, target audience, media, and more. This is a new Hussle exclusive!


Strategy • Design & Printing
Technology & Tracking • Mailing & Logistics
Sampling made simple. When you get your products into people’s hands, good things happen. We make that process easy.Let’s set up an automated sampling program and watch your recruiting numbers soar.
LIVE Module

Live Selling & Shopping

Proprietary Platform • Team Attribution
Record & Replay • For Influencers & Social Selling
We’ve invested millions, so you don’t have to. Live stream selling events on a phone or computer. Have distributors invite prospects through a smart link that automatically credits the sale, even if the presentation is done by a leader or corporate executive. Record and replay to maximize the impact of the event.
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LIVE Module

Managing Customers &
Team Members

Automated Intelligence • Behavior-Driven Tasks Customer & Team Alerts • Follow-Up Now Notifications
Put automated intelligence to work for your field. Empower your distributors with behavior-driven alerts and tasks such as: autoship and first order alerts, cancelled orders, rank advancement recognition, and more.

Reports & Analytics

Back Office Reports • User Activity
Top Sharers & Content • KPIs
Empower your field to run their entire business from their phone by providing users real-time access to back office data and reports.
Corporate has access to all the recruiting, selling, and sampling activity happening on your platform. Recognize the distributors who are doing the work. Identify the tools your team is using (and not using). Make better decisions based on global data.

Alerts & Communication

Alerts for Prospect Activity • Event & Promo Notifications
Users receive important alerts in the feed including prospect activity and reminders to follow up.
Additionally, the feed allows corporate and team leaders to send push notifications and announcements for important updates such as conference call reminders, promotions, new product launches, recognition, etc.

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